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No Sled? No Problem! Check Out These Easy Alternatives

You don't need a fancy snow sled to become king (or queen!) of the hill.

We’re in the south where snow is a rarity, so you may have found yourself in a conundrum when the white stuff starts pouring down. Lots of snow, no sled. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few with a store-bought sled. You’ll be the envy of the sledding hill crowd this snow day. But if not, don’t despair!

Keep in mind that anything you repurpose for a makeshift sled will probably get ruined and no longer be able to serve its original purpose. But it’s worth it, right? Also, make sure you’re sledding on a hill that’s not crowded, and without obstacles like trees and rocks. Homemade sleds can’t be steered.

18 Things to Repurpose into a DIY Snow Sled:

1. Make your own sled

This Instructables page shows you how to make a sled with a cardboard box, trashbag and duct tape.

2. Baby pool

We actually saw a family using an old baby pool. The one they were using would not slide well since the snow was soft, but they turned it inside out (turning the smooth side out) and it worked great. Their entire family went down together in it and they had great fun. (Of course, if you have to turn it inside out, it probably won’t hold water anymore so make sure it’s a worn out baby pool!

3. Cookie sheet

Sneak a sturdy cookie sheet from the kitchen for a sledding adventure. Just don’t expect cocoa and cookies when you come back inside all wet and cold.

4. Lid from plastic storage container

Got one of those Rubbermaid large storage containers or sweater boxes. Lift the lid for fun riding down snowy hills.

5. Boogie board

It’s meant for the sea, but you can use it on the snow, too!

6. Baby tub

If your tush is small enough, you can use a baby bathtub as a homemade snow sled. Better if it’s the tub that’s gathering dust in the basement, not the one your baby sister will need for bathtime that evening.

7. Cushion from outdoor furniture

No one’s eating dinner outdoors tonight, so borrow cushions from your patio set to hit the slopes.

8. Tarp

DIY sleds made from tarps work especially well if the snow is icy and hard.

9. Inner tube

Do you have an inner tube left over from pool season? Blow it back up for an awesome snowy ride.

10. Dog bed

Ask your dog first, and then wrap it in a trash bag with duct tape.

11. Shower curtain

Again, mom would prefer if you find an old one folded up in a closet, rather than taking the shower curtain that’s currently hanging in the bathroom for your sledding escapades.

12. Trash can lids

Do not damage the roll-out trash cans provided by your county or trash company. The round metal or plastic lids that come completely off the can are your best bets.

13. Cafeteria tray

The cafeteria tray is the old standby, although you might not have one in your house. (If you do, we won’t ask how you got it.)

14. Trash bags

Learn how to make a sled out of a trash bag and maybe a piece of cardboard. (Note to self: Bring spares.)

15. Inflatable baby pool

Another summer toy you can repurpose into a homemade sled is the inflatable baby pool.

16. Sleeping bag

Your camping trip just got way more fun.

17. Air mattress

Below you’ll see a video of some people who made a sled from an air mattress and pantyhose.

18. Yoga mat

It brings new meaning to downward-facing dog when you slide headfirst down a snowy hill on a yoga mat.





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