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Saint Thomas Midtown Unveils NICView

Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital delivers a state-of-the-art first in Middle Tennessee!

It’s a first for Middle Tennessee parents with newborns in the NICU, and it comes courtesy of Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital with the unveiling of its brand-new NICView system.

NICView is a state-of-the-art 24/7 webcam streaming service in Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The system allows parents and their families to view their infant through a secure, online portal.

“We are incredibly excited to add video streaming to our NICU to help provide peace of mind to parents and families when they are away from their newborn,” says Kristen Toth, vice president of Women’s and Children’s Services. “The NICView system allows families to monitor daily progress and receive notes from our nurses pertaining to the care their babies are receiving,” she adds.


The cameras are available for newborns in the NICU with parental and provider consent. At that point, the family receives an individual log-in, which allows them to view their infant online around the clock through any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

The addition of the NICView cameras is made possible by funding from the Saint Thomas Health Foundation through supporters of Rock the Cradle.

Saint Thomas Midtown’s Beaman NICU offers a 52-bed Level III NICU with the lowest admission rate in the state of Tennessee.

For more info, call 615-284-5555 or visit sthealth.com/locations/saint-thomas-midtown-hospital.


Photos by Bella Baby Photography: The Thurston Family at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital using NICView cameras.

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