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April 22, 2024

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Check Out These Sumner County Murals

Nashville's not the only hot spot to take a mural tour. Check out these great outdoor art pieces in Sumner County!

Gallatin Balloon Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Gallatin Balloon Mural

118 West Main Street, Gallatin

This mural depicts silver foil balloons spelling out "GALLATIN" and it allows the viewers to interact with the mural as if they themselves are holding the balloons. 

Created by artist Mobe Oner.


Downtown Murals | Gallatin, TN

Gallatin Trains and Trolleys Mural

110 West Franklin Street, Gallatin

At the start of the 20th century few small towns in America had a transportation infrastructure equal to what could be found in Gallatin. With a passenger train service from the Louisville & Nashville Rail Road that opened in 1858 residents were able to board at Depot Square and travel anywhere in the United States. Locally, shorter trips could be taken on the Nashville Light & Railway's Nashville-Gallatin Interurban RR (trolley) from Main Street and Water Street all the way to downtown Nashville. This mural depicts both railroad companies and how they came together in Gallatin. The mural location on College Street just off the Gallatin Square is between the L&N Depot and the NL&R Trolley Station. 

This mural was created by artist Bryan Deese.


A Mural Honoring A Gallatin-Bred Skateboarding Pioneer Could Kickstart A  Public Art Infusion | WPLN News - Nashville Public Radio

Ray Underhill Skate Mural

278 Morrison Street, Gallatin

Gallatin native Ray Underhill was Tennessee's first professional skateboarder and he was a member of the infamous Bones Brigade squad of the 1980s, which included famous riders such as Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill and Steve Caballero. The skating team toured the United States and Europe exhibiting innovative tricks and gear of that time. Underhill died in 2008 after a fighting a Chordoma brain tumor, a rare spinal cancer. The Ray Underhill Foundation was established and is operated by Underhill’s widow Kerry Overman. 

This mural was created by artist Bryan Deese.


Brown & Son Company Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Brown & Son Company Mural

109 South Broadway, Portland

This mural honors the police, the military, firefighters, and first responders in a colorful collage tied together with the word "USA." 

Created by USA Pro Art.


Downtown Portland Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Downtown Portland Mural

125 Main Street, Portland

Located on the side of Milo Coffee House on Main Street in downtown Portland, this fun mural depicts two restaurants: El Azteca Restaurant with a backdrop of the American flag and Milo Coffee House's logo above coffee beans. Also included is a panther, paying homage to the local high school's mascot. 

Created by USA Pro Art.


Exit Realty Garden Gate Team Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Exit Realty Garden Gate Team Mural

109 Main Street, Portland

This mural incorporates parts of the town's history, included the former train station depot that used to be a fixture of the downtown. On the guitar are a cluster of strawberries that honor Portland's strawberry heritage as well as the city's Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival that has a long history of over 75 years. In the middle is the Tennessee Tri-Star, with star representing East, Middle, and West Tennessee. 

Created by USA Pro Art.


Portland Main Street Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Portland Main Street Mural

108 Main Street, Portland

This bright, colorful was designed to inspire joy and to make people feel good when they looked at it. It includes large brightly colored butterflies and butterfly wings for photos. Great photo backdrops like flowers and various shapes of colors highlight this mural. There are three sections which blend together, also including strawberries to tie in the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival, a tradition of over 75 years held each May. 

Created by USA Pro Art.


Portland Pizza and Pub Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Portland Pizza and Pub Mural

819 North Broadway, Portland

This mural incorporates a panther, the local high school mascot, in a unique setting alongside a combination of flowers and a galaxy with stars. Also found in the mural are slices of pizza and taps, of which the viewer can go inside the restaurant and enjoy both. To the left of the panther is a strawberry also done by the artist in honor of Portland's strawberry history and the annual Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival. 

Created by artist Jeff Bertrand.


Westmoreland Town Mural - Sumner County Tourism

Westmoreland Town Mural

1004 Pleasant Grove Road, Westmoreland

This mural located in downtown Westmoreland depicts the town and its railroad history, most notably with the Little Tunnel train passing. The Little Tunnel was built in 1886 to accommodate the railroad line, but the railroad line split the property of a local farmer who needed a way to safely move his cattle between his now dived land. The Little Tunnel was built, allowing the cattle to safely access both sides of the railroad line. The Little Tunnel is not open to the public.


TN Flea Mall Mural - Sumner County Tourism

TN Flea Mall Mural

3012 U.S. 31W, White House

This unique and large mural incorporates a variety of images including the American flag, a bald eagle, the Tennessee Tri-Star, country music, and western themes. 

Created by USA Pro Art.



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