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May 25, 2024

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Sophrology Now at Mama Moon

This tailored relaxation program helps you prepare for birth.

Sophrology can help if you’re having trouble sleeping while you’re expecting. Having difficulty sleeping is hard enough to deal with on its own; toss in pregnancy and stress, and you’re practically an insomniac!

Here’s some help: Mama Moon Birth Concierge offers a new Sophrology Birth Preparation Package to help you calm down, relax and feel more in control of your pregnancy.


Sophrology is a practice based on breathing, relaxation, gentle movement, mindfulness and visualization. It was created in 1960 by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo. For expectant mothers, it’s similar to Hypnobabies. The practice leads to awareness and self-knowledge. By utilizing techniques of relaxation, breathing, body movements and positive thoughts, it is said to bring a better harmony and balance between mind and body.

“It teaches the body and brain to relax, which is beneficial throughout pregnancy and during childbirth,” says Amandine Bossy, doula and owner of Mama Moon.


Bossy says some of the benefits of sophrology during labor and childbirth include the following:

• Better breathing will help the pain of contractions.

• Being relaxed will help improve your concentration and increase your energy level and help you feel fully present, thus creating a better bond between you and your baby.

• Visualization exercises will help you feel calm, stress-free, confident and empowered.

• Body movements will help you with pain control.


Mama Moon’s package features six tailored one-hour sessions to help you reduce stress and tension, handle pain management, bond with Baby before birth, get better sleep, and prepare your body and mind for birth. Dad can join you on select sessions, too.

The Sophrology Birth Package is $225. Sign up and get more info at 615-973-2377 or online at

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