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May 18, 2024

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Summer Fun at Sumner Teen Center

Sumner County middle- and high-school teens can enjoy more recreation time, a new camp and special programs this summer

Social scientists label kids born after the turn of the millennium as “Generation Z.” Forbes reports this demographic is more prone to volunteer and create “social impact”than their predecessors.

Gallatin’s Sumner Teen Center provides programs for middle and high school teens to do exactly that. A central maxim guides the center: to “create a future-focused community that engages youth in opportunities to nurture belonging, independence, resilience and social responsibility.”


This summer, sixth – 12th graders can be a part of the Kindness Matters initiative. The goal is to enable students with the platform and resources to make a difference. Each Kindness Matters event uniquely identifies a need in the community. It also empowers students to meet specific needs for a day.

On Wednesday, July 19, students can sign up for a trip to Memorial Park in Hendersonville. There, they can participate in a restoration project of a playground area. A professional artist will guide students in placing new mosaic tile.

Teens can participate in Kindness Matters throughout the year with upcoming trips to the food bank and a horse shelter.  


STC strives to implant lasting values on each teen it serves by offering a free driver’s education program. The state doesn’t require a course like this in order to receive a valid driver’s license. However, completion of the course can make young drivers eligible for insurance benefits.

The course aims to equip teens with tips and skills necessary to handle dangerous situations on the road. Furthermore, it can teach them how to prevent dangerous situations. It’s available to teens who have their license as well as those who don’t yet have one.


Sumner Teen Center held its first summer camp in June. A second week will take place July 17 – 21. Participants will learn self-defense training, volunteer at the Sumner County Food Bank, learn CPR and more. Space is limited. E-mail to sign up.

The center’s summer hours are Tue – Thu 2 – 6 p.m. for middle and high school teens; Fri 5 – 8 p.m. for middle school teens; and Fri 5 – 10 p.m. for high school teens. During these hours, kids can enjoy recreational games and hanging out with their friends. STC activities/programs are free.

STC is located at 976 Grassland Place. Learn more at

Featured photo:  A local girl helps take care of a horse at a local equine shelter through the Kindness Matters initiative.

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