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May 30, 2024

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You’re Just a BIG TEASE, August Moon

Last summer, parents and kids heard that a swanky Drive-In theater would open in Nashville in spring 2018, but alas, the ground remains unbroken.

So … August Moon or not? Growing up, it was kick to don pajamas and head to the drive-in movie with the family all loaded up in the car. So when everybody here in Nashville heard that Middle Tennessee was going to get a honest-to-goodness drive-in movie theater attraction — August Moon Drive-In — it sounded too good to be true. Now it appears THAT actually is the truth. 

A year ago, the creator and developers of August Moon announced to the media and through a swanky website that the $10-million-dollar project would yield 40,000-square feet of simulated starry night sky, seating in modified classic cars and food service with a full bar. A sort of frenzy took place after media saw and shared artist renderings and the public became privy to the news. This was exciting stuff! …  But that’s the thing about a digital promise: web designers can build it, make it look incredible, tease you to death with the wonder of it all … only it’s simply NOT REAL.

We no likey. We’re a little bit stung and a little bit strung along. The creator says they need more money. And that it may happen in Pigeon Forge, too. No ground has been broken anywhere to date.

So much for the spring of 2018 opening. Is the whole thing a bust? Who knows. No matter how you slice it, when and if August Moon gets off the ground you can bet it’s going to be a world-class expense just to go to the movies.


In the meantime … rekindle your love for the drive-in movies at Stardust Drive-In in Watertown! You can catch a double feature under the REAL night sky and take it all in for $8.50  (12 and older); $6.50 (ages 6 – 11) and free for ages 5 and younger. And you can go in your pajamas. And sit in your own car and spill as much popcorn as you like. 

August Moon, you’re a big tease.
Just sayin’.

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