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June 25, 2024

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10 Snow Day Activities

❄️ ☃️ Kids are thrilled by the snow and they'll be going in and out, in and out. Be ready and try to go with the flow! ❄️ ☃️

Well, a week ago it was 60 degrees. Today, there’s multiple inches of snow and ice. That’s Tennessee for ya! It’s time to bundle up, get out there and play until our fingers fall off. Of course, we’re joking. But, some of you may be wondering what kind of snow day activities or even crafts you can do with your kids in a good snow. Here’s a list of things to do at home you’re sure to enjoy (we have, MANY times over the years).

10 Snow Day Activities to Try

  1. Make a snow angel of course! My son, who’s 4, says that he’s no good at making them and that it’s just a big hole in the snow when he tries. So, we are going to try to perfect it! All over our 2 acres of flat land that should be (hopefully) covered in a good layer of snow.
  2. Ice bowl luminaries. Using a set of flexible nesting bowls, you’ll freeze water between them overnight. Once it’s frozen, pop it out, set it on the ground upside down and put either a glow stick or battery operated tea light under it.
  3. Trampoline + Snow = Instant Fort! Don’t go bouncing the snow away just yet, see if you can pile it up around the sides on the ground and crawl UNDER the trampoline for a snow fort fun day! If you don’t have a trampoline, use two chairs, a mop, a broom and a sheet. Set the two chairs apart from each other but facing. Put the mop and broom across the two chairs. Lay a sheet over them. Wait for it to snow!
  4. Snowball fight! Grab your ice cream scooper and start making some snowballs. This is a fast and fun way to make them. Set some rules before they start pounding each other in the face, though. 🙂
  5. Don’t forget about Frosty. Kids love making snowmen and a good dusting of snow could be all that you need to make even a little one — which is best for little kids and can be set upon the porch for all to see.
  6. Snow maze. Use your feet or a shovel and make a maze in the snow for the kids to follow. One foot off the path and they’re out! It just takes a little bit of thinking on the parents’ part.
  7. Hide and seek toys. The night before a big snow, set several plastic toys out in the yard. Hopefully, you’ll get enough snow during the night to cover them up. The kids will have fun seeking them out!
  8. Frozen outdoor decor. In an ice tray, freeze some berries, flowers and other natural items in the different sections with water. Be sure to have a piece of string set inside each section and hanging over the edge so that when you pop out the decorative cubes, you’ll have something to hang them by.
  9. Colorful Ice Spheres. Here’s another decorative craft you can do with the kids. Fill a balloon with water and a few drops of food coloring. Freeze it. Once frozen solid, take it outside. Cut away the balloon and place in the yard.
  10. Snow canvases. Fill condiment squirt bottles up with water and food coloring. Give them to the kids and have them squirt paint masterpieces into the snow! My oldest, who’s 8, loves painting and drawing. So, it’s natural for her to really love this fun activity, too.

There are really so many ways to have a fun and somewhat crafty day in the snow. These are just some of our favorite things!



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