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April 23, 2024

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Do with Your Kids What You Did as a Kid

If you don't share with your kids what you did as a kid, then you're teaching them to do the same to their own children. Make moments with them that they'll want to do with their own kids, too.

It’s spring break for us this week. And, although I only get to enjoy two days of it with them, we are making the most of it. One thing my husband and I agreed on was that we wanted to do something with our kids that we did as kids. Those moments in our lives seemed so very simple at the time, but little did our parents know, they were helping that generation learn how to break away from technology. To get outdoors and live a little. One of those things, hiking.

We’ve been taking our kids nearly every year to Fall Creek Falls. Something I did with my family year after year. We always loved camping there. I remember a time when we went that there were not any campsites available because the park was so packed! We had to stay outside the area for a night or two until one became available. There were times when there were so many kids there to play with we had several volleyball teams to play against. Then, when you get their parents involved, the entire park came alive! I remember one time we were there during my dad’s birthday and we got our entire area to sing Happy Birthday to him. It was times like those, even though we didn’t understand what it would mean for us in the long run, that I want my kids to experience.

I was saddened to see that upon our visit to Fall Creek Falls yesterday, that the park was not as full as I would’ve liked to have seen. It was a little busy. The way I can tell is the several times we had to take turns pausing to let a family pass on the trails. Each time we had to stop, I wasn’t frustrated one bit. My heart soared to see them out and enjoying the area, too. Even those kids greeted us as we did them.

That’s why we have been doing things with our kids that we did as kids. We want that for them. We want them to in turn do that for their own children. Because, if we don’t, then the next generation might as well have iPads and phones installed directly into their bodies. Because, if you can’t put them down and show your kids how to have fun, they won’t know what to do with their own kids later.

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