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Feeling Left Out

What's a pregnant mom to do when the youngest starts to feel left out and acting out on it so early in the pregnancy? Let's hope it doesn't last!

11 Weeks & Counting!

Things happen in daily family life with your other children when you’re pregnant. With baby #3 on the way, my youngest (baby #2) is already feeling left out. This didn’t happen with my oldest (baby #1). She was excited to have a baby around (she was 4 when baby #2 was born). I hoped that his push back would happen later in my pregnancy … but noooooooo. It starts now!

Please Let it Be a Phase

He’s only 5 (about to turn 6), but it’s his big sister’s birthday and he’s not the center of attention. He already says we don’t spend enough time with him which is just not true, but in his tiny eyes, Mama’s pregnant and distracted and it’s sissy’s birthday. Sissy got a kitten for her birthday, so now he’s all about the pet that HE wants. Only he want a zoo: a gecko, a ferret, a parrot, a chameleon and a chihuahua! Our three dogs, two frogs and kitten aren’t enough.

Acting Out

Mind you, he’s 5! But he’s doing things little boys do after we tell him “No,” like sneaking that piece of candy after he’d already brushed his teeth before bed. Not getting up and getting dressed when you only have 10 minutes to get to school. Then there’s the sock issue: He can’t stand for the seam to be over his toes, it makes him itchy, so he whines, cries and kicks his feet when they don’t feel right instead of trying to adjust them like he would usually do. And the “You don’t spend any time with me,” comment. He played this perfectly on my husband just the other day. His dad who’s been to ALL of his games and MOST of his practices. He told his dad that he’s never home and that they never play. Because, apparently, playing with me is no good anymore: “Mama’s got a baby in her belly and there’s no room for me.” My poor sweet boy!

Let’s Hope This Plays Out

I hate that my little guy feels this way. I can’t stand it when he says unhappy things. I hope this plays out fast. I sure don’t want him to feel like this while I’m pregnant … so it’s time for me to plan a little Mama and me time for him. Some big chunk of time where it’s just my little guy and me and we don’t even talk about a coming baby or his sissy’s new kitten. That’ll do the trick … LET’S HOPE!

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