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May 25, 2024

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Free Active Shooter Seminars

Learn how to be safe in an active shooter situation and how to inform your kids what's best for them to do, too.

Nobody wants to be a part of an active mass shooting situation, but with the Waffle House killings fresh in our minds, the time may be right to equip yourself with tools to help keep you safe. While the Department of Homeland Security’s best advice to people in a mass shooting situation has been “Run, hide, fight,” people want to really know what to do. To help citizens feel more confident about their ability to respond in a dangerous situation, the Franklin Police Department (FPD) is offering self-protection seminars. 
    The FPD is offering two free seminars designed for local parents, teens, employers, school and church leaders. The seminars are on Monday, April 30 at 6 p.m. and Tuesday, May 1 at 6 p.m. Seminars will run 90 minutes.

Franklin Police Will Lead Seminars

   “Franklin Police officers stand at the ready to deal with the unthinkable,” FPD Chief Deborah Faulkner said. “Community preparedness, combined with law enforcement response to these situations, can make a difference and save lives.”    

    Seminar participants will learn ways to improve how they respond to an unforeseen mass violence encounter. The officers leading the seminars will focus on the three main national best practices: Avoid, Deny and Defend.

    Seminars will take place at the Franklin Police Headquarters at 900 Columbia Avenue in Franklin. While participation is FREE, you MUST be preregistered to participate.



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