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April 24, 2024

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Hard Talks with Your Child

A three-part series: How do you discuss sex with kids? What about drugs and alcohol? Plus: don't just let your child go online without safeguards in place and a thorough review of the basics.

Hard talks with kids are a part of parenting — perhaps the most difficult and important part of parenting. Psychologists say both mothers and fathers need to develop the vocabulary they need for talking to their kids about values and feelings surrounding difficult topics. Research suggests that no complex subject can be handled in a single sit-down talk; the more charged the subject, the better it is served in small, digestible bites. 

Here are three of the most challenging conversations you need to initiate and continually touch on with your kids for the healthiest outcome.


You may not want to talk about sex with your kids, but that may be
because you've waited too long to do so. Start young!


The alluring digital world takes up most of your child's waking hours.
That's why it's critical that you monitor and talk about his online activities.


Here's a guide to how you might address the risky business of intoxicants.

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