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June 23, 2024

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Is it Lights Out for the Dancing Lights of Christmas in Nashville?

The Dancing Lights of Christmas has become too popular for the City of Nashville to handle and is forced to pull the plug!

News is quickly spreading that Nashville has asked that the show NOT go on for the Dancing Lights of Christmas. This annual tradition has been a family favorite for years. The light show has been around for seven years at Jellystone Park and is a drive thru light show. The Big 98 WSIX added last year an animated 35 foot Christmas tree. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of LED Christmas lights. In addition, the lights dance to rocking Christmas tunes through your own car radio. The show is open nightly from 5 – 10 p.m. with extended weekend and holiday hours, too. Visitors drive their cars through from the beginning of November through Jan. 1. Cost is $25 per vehicle (non commercial), $25 non profit vans/buses, $50 for commercial vehicles and tour groups are per person. But, all that is about to change and those who visit annually will have to find something else to do.

Dancing Lights of Christmas Responds

The show had this to say on Facebook: “First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support. WE NEED YOUR HELP! For the past seven years, we have complied 100% with the city in every capacity. We are not required to obtain a permit. There are NO lease issues, and always follow Metro police department’s traffic plan and suggestions at our own expense. We would like to ask all of our fans to reach out to Councilman Jeff Syracuse (615-862-6780,, Douglas Sloan at Planning and Zoning (615-862-7150,, and Mayor Megan Berry (615-862-6000). We never agreed to ‘pull the plug’ on the light show. Please be respectful with your comments, but please let the city know your thoughts.”

Learn more and see what you can do to help by following them on Facebook.

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