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May 26, 2024

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Local Boy Invents Card Game

The power of sticking with it is demonstrated by one local boy who now has his card game — BLDR — on the market!

He’s only 13, but Jackson Lefler, a 7th grader at Montgomery Bell Academy, is seeing success in the game world. Lefler’s invented a strategic card game called BLDR when he was just killing time over the summer three years ago. Now his card game is available on Amazon and locally at Brilliant Sky in Brentwood. Lefler’s mom and dad helped him tweak the game then issued him a challenge: come up with the finished product.
    “I just wanted him to see the idea through from conception to completion,” Mary Lefler says.









Jackson got design help from a couple of his parents’ friends; neighborhood kids who tested the game, and his family. Over the course of two years, Jackson took his concept from drawn out sheets of loose leaf paper to a deck of cards in finished packaging, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.


According to the product description on Amazon, “players race to build their BLDR structure first. Players create runs and sets of playing cards to acquire action cards and then through stragety, use those cards to build their structure, or to block other players from building theirs.”
    Jackson Lefler is involved in science competitions, Boy Scouts and sports and has ideas for customizing BLDR for different states and college teams.

Check out the card game by letting your kids try it for themselves. And don’t be so quick to toss out your young child’s musings with arts and crafts! Find BLDR here.

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