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April 23, 2024

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My Daughter’s First Crush

When your daughter admits to having a crush on a boy. The first one. And, you're privy to knowing his name!

The day finally arrived. The day my daughter willingly admitted to me that she has a crush … and she told me his name! I couldn’t believe my ears. She was opening her heart to me about her feelings for this young boy. Granted, she’s only 9, but it’s the start of things to come, so I knew I had to handle it with caution. I bet you’re wondering how I was able to pry the info from her? I didn’t!

We were at the kitchen table filling out Valentine’s Day cards for her class. A bit early, but hey, at least they’re done and ready to go! She was organizing them and figuring out what to give each child when she quietly started telling me how she wanted to give something different to another boy. I kept the conversation light and asked why? She went on to tell me that she really liked him and wanted to give him something special and different. She even told me his name … which I thought was info no one was allowed to know at this age.

I really didn’t know what to tell her except that if she wanted to give him something she could, but the decision had to be hers. Her only reservation about the entire thing was the thought of rejection. She was afraid that if he didn’t like her back and everyone found out that she’d given him something different, she would be made fun of.

Back in the day when I was in kindergarten this happened to me, but it was the other way around. Blonde haired little Mitch gave me a card that said he wanted to marry me. My mom taped it to the front door on display for the entire family (I’m one of five). I was horrified and embarrassed. Oh, the taunts to follow … but not at school. It was mostly my sibs that gave me grief.

I don’t want her to feel embarrassed by the whole thing. I want her to be herself. I want her to be able to stand up for what she believes in and have the guts to go through with what she wants no matter the outcome. A child’s first crush is not the end of the world. And apparently, in this class, boys and girls have been boyfriend and girlfriend and breaking up all year long and no one seems to care. So, why should anyone embarrass her? Can’t a mom just wish for the best?

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