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April 21, 2024

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New Books for Young Kids

Does anyone read underneath a tree anymore?? Rekindle this idea with this season's new titles.

 FOR INSPIRATION: A Fresh Crop of New Spring Books!

Ages 0 – 2

Recipe for Bedtime

A Recipe for Bedtime
by Peter Bently; illustrated by Sarah Massini
Putnam; $16.99
Ages 1 and older
Get your baby into a routine with this adorable bedtime story. The soft illustrations are inviting and the story is cute. — ka

sophie1        sophie3

Sophie la girafe: Hide and Seek
— and —
Sophie la Girafe: On the Move!
DK Library; $5.99 each
Infants and older
Children love their French Sophie la girafe toys, now bring babies the books. These two different Sophie la girafe books are sweet. Help Baby find a favorite toy by lifting tabs in Hide and Seek; teach Baby about different ways to get around with tactile touch embellishments. Perfect for the nursery. — ssd


Tiny Blessings for Bedtime
by Amy Parker
Putnam; $7.95
Infants and older
Night time thanks for some of the loveliest things in the universe. A sturdy board book perfect for little ones. — ssd

Ages 3 – 8

Always Remember

Always Remember
by Cece Meng; illustrated by Jago
Philomel; $17.99
Ages 3 – 7
This story about loss is told in an interesting way. The story begins with the death of Old Turtle, but what follows is the beginning of the many lives upon which he made a difference. Other animals recall what he taught them, how he was brave and more, showing us that others will remember us for how we lived our lives.  —ka

Hoot and Peep

Hoot and Peep
by Lita Judge
Dial Books for Young Readers; $17.99
Ages 3 – 5
Peep’s big brother Hoot thinks he knows best for her. It’s only right to say “hoo” all the time, until he realizes how much Peep’s incessant ignoring of his advice and singing of anything and everything starts to make him miss her when she takes off on her own. Kids can learn compromise with this story filled with whimsical illustrations. — ka

Bears Sleeping

Shh! Bears Sleeping
by David Martin; pictures by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Viking; $16.99
Ages 3 – 7
The warm and fuzzy pictures invite children on a special journey of bears waking from hibernation. The rhyming story tells how bears go from sleeping to waking and go foraging for food only to end up going back to sleep as the seasons change. — ka

Stop Following Me Moon

Stop Following Me, Moon!
by Darren Farrell
Dial; $17.99 (April release)
Ages 3 – 5
This bear, with a curiously shaped eye, goes about his business taking things to snack on from unsuspecting people … and he realizes the moon has been there the whole time and tries to get away. The somber images soothe the eye and prepare kids for a good night’s sleep after the story comes to an end. — ka

Wolf to Woof

From Wolf to Woof
by Hudson Talbott
Nancy Paulsen Books; $16.99 (April release)
Ages 5 – 8
This story takes kids on a journey of how dogs came about. Along with the story is a showing of teamwork, compassion and how there are many different kinds of dogs and humans out there. —ka

Grumpy Pants

Grumpy Pants
by Claire Messer
Albert Whitman; $16.99
Ages 4 – 8
Do you have one of those kids that just gets grumpy all the time? Here’s a cute little story he can relate to … and maybe help him pull out of his grump slump. — ka


by Aiko Ikegami
Albert Whitman; $16.99
Ages 4 – 8
Follow a little girl through soft pictures as she becomes the new student in the school and has trouble making new friends … until one day … they are all her friends. Then a new student comes to school. It’s a story about being different and making friends told through vibrant illustrations. — ka

Funny Food

Funny Food Made Easy
by Bill and Claire Wurtzel
Welcome Books; $19.95
This creative duo takes 192 pages to show you how to create more than 150 works of plate art in the kitchen. You’ll learn how to create a lion out of corn flakes, an apple and some raisins. There are fruit, dairy, vegetables and even seafood creations that’ll delight your curious eater.  — ka


Welcome to the Symphony
By Carolyn Sloan
Illustrated by James Williamson
Workman; $24.95
Ages 4 – 8
This wonderful, interactive read introduces kids to all of the components of an orchestra — strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments — while exploring one of the most famous classical pieces ever written, Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5.” Three mice narrate the story and highlight the elements of music (melody, harmony and tempo). The book’s accompanying sound panel lets kids listen to 12 different instruments along with seven other features like the tuning of the orchestra. — cy

Zoe the Zebra

Talking Back Series:
Zoe the Zebra
Wally the Wolf
Rudy the Reindeer
Ping & Pong the Penguins
By Sylviane Gangloff
Abbeville Press; $7.95 each
Each title features a different animal who meets his creator, and things get funny when the illustrator’s hand starts teasing the critters by way of drawing things out of place. Kids will love the humor from the animals’ frustration from page to page. — cy


Pregnancy Encyclopedia

The Pregnancy Encyclopedia
By Paula Amato, M.D. (consultant editor) and Dr. Chandrima Biswas (Editor in Chief)
DK; $40
Ever wondered what really went on inside your body while you’re pregnant? Here’s a 352 page book detailing everything you would need or want to know about your body and the baby growing inside your belly. It helps answer lots of questions and gives you insight to something you might not have known … like fibroids, sleep cycles and more … complete with pictures and diagrams.

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