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April 12, 2024

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Over Doing It

Everyone says I should take it easy since I'm pregnant, but I'm not a helpless woman! I'm actually a do-it-your-selfer. So what do you do with the likes of me?

13 Weeks & Counting — Energized!

Yeah, I’m not all that big right now; Baby’s only about the size of a small peach (just under three inches in size). But, I’m always feeling tired … from the moment I wake up to the moment I get home and just want to flop right down on the bed and curl up for a good night’s sleep.

However, when there are things to do, there’s no sleep for me! We had two birthday parties and a family gathering this weekend. I spent hours and hours preparing for them. I was doing yard work, laundry, late spring cleaning in the kids’ bedrooms and even rearranging their furniture. Yeah, probably shouldn’t have done that last one.

Where’s the Energy Coming From?

I have no idea how I was able to do all of that. I forged on until it was all done, working out of pure delirium. I lost my broom and even misplaced the vacuum at one point.

After the birthday party on Sunday, my cousin asked if my kids could come spend the night with her’s. I was excited for a chance to rest, I said “yes” way too fast. After everyone left the party, my husband and I both took long naps. It was nice to just go to sleep and not worry about what the kids were getting into. And since they weren’t home, my body gave in to total exhaustion; I slept right through the alarm that woke my husband for work and I slept right through my doctor’s appointment, too.

I’m yawning as I type this blog post. Probably putting you to sleep, too. But, the main reasons I wanted to share this is:

1) You CAN still do plenty when you’re pregnant.

2) You’d better have a nice pillow if you’re a doer because you’re going to need that sleep.

Take it easy, mommas!

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