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Pregnancy’s a Theme Park!

Free admission to the prego theme park! You're going whether you like it or not, so prepare for the fun, and not so fun, moments ahead.

10 Weeks & Counting!

I’ve got a ticket to my very own prego theme park and my family has free admission to go along, too! Whether they like it or not, they’re on an adventure with me that will have its moments of good and bad — and definitely ugly! — but the end result will bond us even closer together.

Oh, the Food!

My prego theme park has tons of food options. And, while you probably shouldn’t indulge in every little “bad” thing your stomach desires during pregnancy, it’s OK to have some funnel cake or a corn dog if you want to. Meanwhile, keep lots of healthy snack options nearby at all times to keep hunger pangs at bay. But if you want some cotton candy … go for it!

Roller Coaster of Emotions

Up and down. That’s the way of it. Don’t worry. Your hormones are currently off the wall. Because of this, you could feel the need to cry at the simplest little thing, feel over joyous at times and even go the extreme dark side with anger. Keep calm and prego on because just like any coaster at a theme park, the ride is usually short and fast. Emotions change on a dime.

Fun House Anyone?

You know those “fun house” buildings filled with weird and unusual things? Well, think of that as your brain during pregnancy. If you’re like me, your dreams get more colorful, vibrant and crazy in pregnancy and they just may leave you laughing, crying or just weirded out. Write them down if you get the chance. It’ll be fun to look back on them one day and see what your brain was going through. Thought: Before finding out your baby’s sex, can your weird dreams predict it for you?

Just a Little Chaos

It wouldn’t be a theme park — um, I mean pregnancy — without a little chaos, right? House work, work, family, baby stuff … the list can go on. Sometimes you’ll feel like everything is out of control. Like at a theme park, I find myself going from day to day trying to decide on what I want to do. From what needs to be done to just things that I want to do. You need to prioritize and take your time. Don’t try to squeeze everything into one day or you’ll over-exhaust yourself. If you make a list and post it to the fridge, hint to your significant honey that there could be things on that “honey do” list that you’d like some help with.

It’ll Tire You Out

All that walking around, prepping for baby or just life in general will tire you out. It’s what pregnancy does. Your body is growing a baby and using all of your energy to do so. It’s only natural that you feel tired and fatigued all the time. You can wake up in the morning feeling a little refreshed only to find that you need a nap within the next two hours. Yawn. Where’s my pillow and blanket? Is it break time yet? Does this theme park have a napping center?


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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!