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Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

Toddlers love activities and it's good to keep them busy! We have 65 great ideas for your toddler's best summer!

Little kids just LOVE doing all kinds of things with you. Our Summer Bucket List for Toddlers can keep’em busy. And consider putting these items on little pieces of paper to pull from a jar. Get ready to have a super-fun June and July with your Littles filled with activities that will delight all of you!

Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

  1. Play with a water table.
  2. Go to the beach.
  3. Go to the outdoor pool.
  4. Go to the splash park.
  5. Have a water balloon fight.
  6. Go to a different ice cream shop than you’re used to.
  7. Make popsicles.
  8. Have a campfire.
  9. Catch a fish.
  10. Play mini golf: SOAR Adventure Park. Putt Shack.
  11. Ice cube sensory bin.
  12. Draw with chalk.
  13. Jump on a trampoline. Urban Air Adventure Park. Sky Zone.
  14. Tour different playgrounds (early in the morning!)
  15. Run through the sprinkler.
  16. Go to an outdoor food festival.
  17. Ride a pedal boat.
  18. Bake a cake together.
  19. Try a freshly squeezed lemonade.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Go on a nature walk or hike.
  22. Go to the zoo.
  23. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  24. Go on a road trip.
  25. Eat a giant slice of watermelon.
  26. Drink a slurpee.
  27. Have a picnic.
  28. Paint rocks.
  29. Blow bubbles.
  30. Plant some seeds.
  31. Go berry picking.
  32. Go to a museum.
  33. Have a backyard camp out.
  34. Look for seashells.
  35. Go to a movie.
  36. Make a birdhouse.
  37. Fly a kite.
  38. Make a sandcastle.
  39. Nature center.
  40. Visit a fire station.
  41. Make a banana split.
  42. Go to an outdoor concert.
  43. Ride a carousel.
  44. Watch fireworks.
  45. Eat s’mores.
  46. Visit an aquarium. Tennessee Aquarium. Ripley’s Aquarium.
  47. Go to a water park. Dollywood’s Splash Country. Holiday World. Nashville Shores.
  48. Wagon ride.
  49. Eat corn on the cob.
  50. Shoot a water gun.
  51. Do a scavenger hunt.
  52. Drive in a cozy coupe.
  53. Ride a mini train.
  54. Play with shaving cream.
  55. Do a car wash for toy cars.
  56. Eat frozen watermelon.
  57. Build a fort outside.
  58. Watch a movie outdoors (projected onto a tight sheet) & put out an air mattress for the toddler
  59. Stomp in rain puddles.
  60. Look at dead bugs with a magnifying glass.
  61. Stay up late to star gaze.
  62. Go to a lake and learn how to skip stones.
  63. Go feed ducks.
  64. Work a puzzle together.
  65. Take pictures with a disposable camera & get them printed.


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