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April 22, 2024

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The Ultimate LOVE BOMB: A Family Vacation

Kids value family getaways because they get their parents to themselves for quality time, plus they'll remember it for years to come!

School's winding down and the country's opening up.? About this time of year, parents lament the hundreds of dollars spent on last holiday’s toys (whatever happened to that Hatchimal, anyway?) and start thinking about what can they do this summer that won't break the bank. At least one leading child psychologist says a family vacation provides a lot more of what you want for your family.

Oliver James, psychologist and author of numerous books including Love Bombing: Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostatcautions parents against spending an extraordinary amount of money on toys that children will abandon. Instead, James says  “love bomb” your family with a vacation that will provide a lot more lasting meaning for your kids.

Attachment Play Vital for Bonding
Kids love prolonged periods of fun with their parents a lot more than they do solo play time. But in daily work-week lives, parents live and function in stress-filled worlds. Kids grind out over-scheduled activities in addition to tough testing regimens at school. Taking a vacation together puts the daily grind on hold, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy being together. When families get away together, Mom and Dad can unwind to build sandcastles or take a hike with the kids, engaging in “attachment play,” which is vital for bonding. On vacation, instead of sending kids the busy work-week message, “I’m too busy for you,” they send the, “I enjoy being with you. I enjoy you” message. That’s gold for kids.

Size of Vacation Doesn’t Matter
Want to build some meaningful family time for your family? Get on it! You don’t have to get elaborate about it, though if budget’s an issue. Plan a camping trip or a weekend in Chattanooga. Or, start saving now in order to plant a big love bomb on the kids come Christmas morning 2021 (airline tickets)!


• Disney’s World, Orlando, Florida
• Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
• Tanque Verde Ranch, Arizona
• Atlantis Resort
• Grand Canyon

• Yellowstone National Park
• Yosemite National Park
• Visit Chattanooga




Family Vacations: One Child at a Time

Family Vacations: One Child at a Time


Make Vacations a Family Value Kids Learn

Make Vacations a Family Value Kids Learn

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