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April 23, 2024

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Fly High with Bellissima Fata at Expression City & Nashville Circus Center

The original Cirque du Soleil-style production debuts at Roy E. Barberi Theatre Oct. 22-23 Brentwood, TN.

Expression City and Nashville Circus Center are thrilled to announce Bellissima Fata, playing at the Roy E. Barberi Theatre October 22—23, 2021.

In the style of Cirque du Soleil, Bellissima Fata combines the excitement of circus with the entertainment of musical theatre song and dance. The Expression City cast includes a blend of professional actors, dancers, vocalists, and circus performers along with Expression City students directed by Curtis LeMoine and circus acts directed by Rebecca Hellemans.

Special guest performance by Sam Tribble, internationally acclaimed acrobatic cyr wheel artist, instructor, and creator of cyr wheel instructor certification.

You’ll love this thrilling and heartwarming performance, based on an old Italian fable, of the birth of a woodland fairy and a prince’s heart for love in their quest for good to triumph over evil. Set in the period of the Italian Renaissance, Bellissima Fata (Italian for “Beautiful Fairy’), explores themes of the period, such as rebirth, individualism and perspective by capturing the beauty and mystery of the natural and cosmic world through story, comedy, and stunning circus acts.

Expression City’s Bellissima Fata is an original work created by Allison Barberi. For more information on show tickets, dates and pricing, visit or call 615-678-4739.

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