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April 19, 2024

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Williamson Health Expands EMS Service

18 advanced lifesaving support ambulances now serve residents of Nolensville, Eastern Williamson County.

Williamson Health recently began service from its newest Emergency Medical Services (EMS) location in Nolensville. A ribbon cutting and tour is planned for late February at 7347 Nolensville Road, also home to the Nolensville Fire and Rescue facility.

The rapid growth of Nolensville and eastern Williamson County warranted an 18th EMS unit operated by Williamson Health. The new ambulance is in the middle of Nolensville as part of Williamson Health’s strategic plan to add EMS resources across the entire county to keep ahead of projected population growth.

“Williamson Health is proud to be the primary 911 EMS provider for Williamson County,” said Julie Miller, Chief Operating Officer for Williamson Health. “We responded to over 21,000 calls for service last year and we expect to respond to more than 22,500 calls this year.” 

The regional system runs its 18 advanced life support ambulances 365 days a year from 17 stations with more than 30 Williamson County locations, including its flagship facility, Williamson Medical Center. Each ambulance is integrated within the Williamson County 911 dispatch center and is deployed county-wide based on geography, distance, population density, call volume and response times. This “dynamic deployment” model assures any new EMS unit added to the system improves service and response times both locally and to the entire county. 

“Our new Nolensville EMS unit had its first call one hour after we began service,” said Michael Wallace, CCPM, Williamson Health EMS Chief. “Rest assured, when you call 911, we bring the lifesaving care of the Williamson Medical Center emergency room right to your living room, the ballpark or the roadside – wherever you need us.” he said.

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